Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park

Park information

Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park is set on an extensive 304 ha hilly area and is the first government park in all Japan. The park is made of a body of trees, with various environments including ponds, swampland, and grassland, and is home to precious plants and animals. The park is also popular as a natural getaway from the metropolitan area.

Facilities introduction

The size of the park is approximately 65 times the size of Tokyo Dome. Full of play equipment and spaces such as the largest air trampoline in Japan Ponpoko Mountain, the athletic Adventure Courses, and large yards and places to play in the water. The whole family can get out and exercise their bodies together. Also, you can see various types of plants, as well as enjoy the scenery, trees, and flowers of all four seasons at the Urban Arboretum.

Main facilities within the park

  • Ponpoko Mountain

    The largest air trampoline in Japan

  • Adventure Course

    24 athletic courses making use of the woods on the land

  • Musashi Kid's Dome

    A spot for kids to play on 50 colorful pieces of play equipment

  • Urban Arboretum

    Enjoy things like an herb garden, border flowerbeds, and seasonal flowers

  • Dog Run

    An approx. 6,000 square meter free area and area for small-breed dogs

  • Cycling Road

    An approx. 17 km-long path for bicycles

Main plants and animals within the park

  • Sports Ground Flower Garden

    This is the largest flower garden in the park, where you can enjoy a carpet of flowers in spring and fall

  • Wild Plant Course

    A circular, approx. 1 km small path where you can see mountainous wild plants throughout the four seasons

  • Garden Plant Display Garden

    This is a popular photograph spot for its scenery stretching over a gentle, sloping hill

  • Maple Display Garden

    Approx. 500 maple trees with 22 varieties with illuminations held in fall (leaves at their peak at the end of November)

  • Gold-banded Lilies Display

    Approx. 10,000 gold-banded lilies grow on their own here, and every year approx. 3,000 plants come into full bloom (full bloom in the middle of July)

  • Plum Forest

    Enjoy approx. 500 plum trees with 120 varieties of flowers such as white blossoms and red blossoms (full bloom from February to March)

Park use information

Operation time

Time Period
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mar. 1st to Oct. 31st
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Dec. 1st to last day of Feb.

Days closed

  • New Year's holidays (Dec. 31st, Jan. 1st)
  • The 3rd and 4th Mondays in Jan.

Entrance fees

Category General Group Annual passport
Adults (high school students and above) ¥450 ¥290 ¥4,500
Senior citizens (age 65 and above) ¥210 ¥210 ¥2,100
Junior high school students and younger free of charge

Rental bicycle fees

Category Basic fee (3 hours) Late fee (every 30 minutes)
Adults (high school students and above) ¥410 ¥70
Children ¥260 ¥30
Power assist bicycles ¥820 ¥140
  • As a general rule, please return bicycles to the Cycling Center they were rented from.
  • Power assist bicycles can only be rented out at the Central Cycling Center (to high school students and above).

Park bus

Category Fees
Adults (high school students and above) ¥210 per ride
Children (ages 3 years and above) ¥100 per ride
All-day-unlimited-ride ¥400 per day
  • During busy days, all-day-unlimited-ride tickets are unavailable.



From Shinrin-koen Station on the Tobu Tojo Line

Get off at Shinrin-koen Station on the Tobu Tojo Line, and there is a bus stop and taxi stand at the North Exit. It is approx. a 3 km (approx. 40 min.) walk to the Shinrin Park's South Gate.

Bus stop How to arrive Arriving park entrances
To Shinrin Park South Exit
(Running on Saturdays, Sundays,
and national holidays only)
Get on the direct bus to Shinrin-koen,
and get off at the last stop
South Gate
To Kumagaya Sta. South Exit
To Rissho Daigaku
Get off at Namerikawa Chugakko,
and walk approx. 5 min.
South Gate
Get off at Shinrin-koen West Ent.,
and it is directly before you
West Gate

From Kumagaya Station on the JR Takasaki Line

Get off at Kumagaya Station on the JR Takasaki Line, and there is a bus stop at the South Exit.

Bus stop How to arrive Arriving park entrances
To Shinrin-koen Station Get off at Shinrin-koen West Ent.,
and it is directly before you
West Gate
Get off at Shinrin-koen South Ent.,
and it is directly before you
South Gate


Taking plants, animals, insects, etc. from within the park is strictly prohibited by law. Also, acts which use fire such as bonfires and fireworks are prohibited. Please follow the instructions of the park staff in any other matters. If any problems or accidents occur, please inform the Management Center.

  • No smoking
  • No open flames
  • Taking wildlife
    (plant or animal) prohibited
  • Please keep pets on a leash
  • Please respect the facilities
    Vandalism is a crime
  • No camping


Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park Management Center
1920 Yamata, Namegawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture 355-0802
TEL: 0493-57-2111 (Management Center, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)